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This is the blog I keep for my daddy and myself full of all my fantasies, desires and random little girlyness.
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I Believe….


When two people love each other, distance can make the heart grow fonder. It helps create more appreciation and value for each other when you are finally in person together. To never take each other for granted. 

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I love MLP!


OMG too cuteeeee

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I require way more attention than anyone is willing to give to me.

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Don’t say you’ll ‘treat a girl like a princess’ unless you’re prepared to follow up on that shit. 

If I’m not living in a castle by the sea with diplomatic powers over a small country then you’re a bitch-ass liar.

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Bath-time with The Brat


"Daddy, Daddy look I’m a mermaid!"

The Brat lifts her legs & lets them go crashing hard back down into the water.

The Brat wipes bubbles out of her eyes & giggles.

Daddy slowly stands from his crouched position next to the bath, & holds out his arms, water soaking through his clothes.

"Ten second head start, Brat. Run."

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